Candle Care

When first lighting your Lavish & Lit Candle, it’s ideal to burn the candle until the melted wax reaches the edges of the container (at least 3-4 hours but never more than 4 hours). This gives the candle time to reach a full melt pool which will prevent the wax from creating a tunnel. If your candle tunnels the wax will only melt as far as it did the first time you burned the candle, as candles have a memory.
Be sure to always trim the wick to about 1/8" before lighting your candle. This will allow the candle to burn at its best and reduces smoke.

Burn candle in a well ventilated room free of drafts or air currents.     

Never leave a candle unattended.

Never handle or move a burning candle. Wait until it is completely cooled.  

Never let trimmings or foreign objects accumulate in the wax pool.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.